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    Instantly Cool With Chill Towels

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    All-Natural. Multi-Use. Recyclable.

    *Available in three different sizes
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    Chill Towels are perfect

    for any event or activity.

    *100% customizable packaging and towels also available
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Chill Towels

are 100% cotton terry cloth towels that are pre-moistened with our All-Natural cooling solution. Each towel is hygienically sealed and individually wrapped in a resealable package. No soaking, no wringing, no waiting.  Chill Towels provide instant cooling, without refrigeration, right out of the package!

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Towel Features Include

The self-cooling solution contains only purified water and natural ingredients. No harsh chemicals. Naturally refreshing.

Chill Towels do more than cool you down. They are hygienically sealed and contain antiseptic properties.

Resealable packaging allows you to use your Chill Towel again and again!

Chill Towels readily drop to 20˚- 30˚F below your normal body temperature with a simple shake, quickly relieving users from the effects of heat.

Towels are 100% cotton. Packaging is 100% plastic. Products are 100% recyclable!

Even without prior refrigeration, Chill Towels cool you down straight from the package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Chill Towels feel so cool and refreshing from the package without refrigeration?

The essential process that makes Chill Towels so cold is a process called evaporative cooling.  Our Chill Towels, and our specially formulized cooling solution, become exceptionally cold because of our proprietary blend of several key all natural ingredients.

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Our Clients


  • chill-towels-devil-testimonial-image

    It’s hard to say, but I know that using the towels had to have taken 5-10 minutes off my time. I ran almost 20 minutes faster this year than last in the Devil. I liked the fact that I could put it around my neck and then stick the ends down the front of my shirt. In that heat I shook it 3 or 4 times and it still lasted about 8 miles.

  • chill-towels-testimonial-image-13

    I recently brought a CHILL Towel with me for my five-mile run, wearing it on my head under my visor. I ran two extra miles and at a faster pace than I normally run even on a cool day. I felt cool.

  • chill-towels-testimonial-running

    I recently ran the Running with the Devil Marathon at Lake Mead National Recreation Area in Boulder City, NV. And in spite of 100+ degree temperatures, Chill Towels helped me to stay cool enough to finish the race!! P.S., I loved this towel!!!

  • chill-towels-testimonial-image-11-resized-200x200

    What a wonderful product you have. It was wonderful and by the 4th mile it went around my neck. I put water on it along the route and it was still cool later that day. I would definitely use your product again. Thanks for cooling me on a hot summer road race.

  • chill-towels-testimonial-image-2-resized-200x200

    This is the greatest product. They saved us from the annoying heat at the Phillies game Friday. They were a lifesaver! Thanks.

  • Chill Towels NBNI 13-4

    The Chill Towels were a convenient and safe method to use to cool off the runners after they finished their race(s).  The athletes were all grateful for the Chill Towels and loved the scent of the towels, too.  I would definitely use these in my sports performance training center!  I like the fact that they are hygienic, reusable, and earth friendly.

  • chill-towels-testimonial-image-7-resized-200x200

    Great for walking around the beach or when I’m lying in the sun.

  • chill-towels-testimonial-image-13-resized-200x200

    It stays cool — that’s unbelievable. It does what it says it does, which is not like all products.

  • chill-towels-testimonial-image-4-resized-200x200

    A great addition to my safety kit, I keep in the car and boat… never know when a soft pre-moistened hygienically sealed towel will be needed… and I’ll be glad I have it.

  • chill-towels-testimonial-image-15-resized-200x200

    Great to take with you on weekend club rides… really refreshing and cool.

  • chill-towels-testimonial-image-14-resized-200x200

    I love the fact that they stay sealed in individually wrapped packages until I need them, the paper ones that you need to open the entire container just to get one don’t compare at all.